Payment Options:

  • Bank Transfer (for Euro Zone) 
    Bank account holder: Janine Harms

    IBAN / Account number: ES63 0182 9465 6202 0550 4783
    BIC (Bank Identification Code): BBVAESMM
    Payment Concept: “Your Name + Surname + Retreat xxxxx”


  • International Transfer (out of Euro Zone)
    For international transfers, it is recommended to use the WISE platform, the cheapest and fastest way to send money from abroad. Otherwise, the bank commissions resulting from an international transfer received from outside the Eurozone will have to be added to the total of the transferred income, which is at least 21€  (contact Janine for further details)
  • Bizum
    Send to: Janine Marikel Harms (622.88.75.28)
  • PayPal:
    Send to:
    As: "Friends and Familie", otherwise a 5% commission will be added for PayPal